BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) 客户代表_MDS(县域团队)_长春 in Shanghai, China

Job Description Summary

• 在指定的目标医院开展所负责产品的销售及技术指导;掌握产品知识,负责医学教育和产品培训;联络,发现,培养本地区KOL。

• 负责处理相关产品的质量投诉。

• 关注、收集所辖区域竞争对手的情况,配合相关经理制定市场对策并实施。

Job Description

主要职责 :

  • 严格遵守国家合规相关法律和公司合规相关规定、规范。

  • 掌握产品知识并负责医学教育和产品培训工作。

  • 指导客户正确使用公司的产品及售后服务。

  • 经销商的产品相关培训。

  • 按时提交各种工作相关报告。

技能与能力 :

  • 大专及以上

  • 较强的学习能力

  • 能够承受较大工作压力

  • 良好的沟通技巧、演讲技巧与能力、管理大客户能力。

  • 电脑办公软件应用熟练。

优先条件 :

  • 诚实,勤奋,具有较强的沟通能力与市场开拓能力。

  • 医疗器械经销商管理经验。

  • 护理工作及外资公司医疗耗材工作经验优先。







Primary Work Location

CHN Shanghai - HQ

Additional Locations

Work Shift

BD is a leading global medical technology company that creates medical technology, devices and laboratory equipment for a variety of needs across the healthcare continuum. At BD, we are looking for candidates who possess passion, innovative solutions and a commitment to our one mission of improving access to groundbreaking medical and biotechnology services for people near and far, delivering state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge research in the battle to fight and cure infectious diseases. With a global reach that extends across 50 countries worldwide, our network of professionals collaborates on effective measures to deliver enhanced patient quality such as lower health care delivery costs, improved health care and safety, and expanded health care for all. Join our company and see how you can become a part of one global mission to make a difference in human health.