BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) Pre-Molding Utility Operator in Sumter, South Carolina

Job Description SummaryAssist where needed at the Banbury, Regrind and Extrusion Operations. This will include 3rd Floor Batch-Up Mixing, Banbury Mixing, Mill, Batch-Off, Extrusion, and Regrind. This position will provide the necessary manning required where needed to meet production and quality standards.

Job Description

P osition D escription


Batch-Up Mixing Operations:

1. Keep ingredient hoppers and oil systems supplies at proper levels.

2. Supply minor ingredients to 2nd floor area for Banbury usage.

3. Maintain necessary records for proper lot and batch traceability.

Banbury Operations:

1. Set-up mixer and auxiliaries as required for a specific mix or formulation using tape or manual control.

2. Inspect mixer to make sure all services are operating (i.e. lubricator, cooling water, dust collector, air supply and process oil). Collect deficiencies and report any breakdown to supervisor.

3. Supply rubber to in-feed conveyor, load minor ingredients in mixer hopper at proper time.

4. Monitor operation of automatic loading, mixing and discharge system for any miscellaneous loads of ingredients. Record necessary data in operating log provided.

5. Operate hand and electrical trucks to move and relocate materials as necessary.

6. Maintain daily machine downtime log.

Mill Operations:

1. Inspect mill to make sure all services are operating, i.e. safety stops, lubricator and cooling water. Report any malfunction to Supervisor or Technician immediately .

2. Operate mill as follows: allow batch of rubber to drop completely through mill rollers. Reload batch on mill, cross blend as needed to obtain uniform dispersion of stock. Position mill knives and strip off batch to cooling system.

3. Cut and deliver QC samples as required.

4. Maintain batch and/or lot history documentation; label all samples with correct identification.

5. Maintain dip tank for the cooling conveyor system.

6. Assist batch-off operator in maintaining of production standard for rubber stock and batch-off cooling unit.

7. Perform required PM’s.

Extrusion Operations :

1. Set-up Extruder to produce pellets as set-up in standards, and specifications.

2. Check the slurry contents as per standards.

3. Monitor extruding and pelletizing operation to standard set-up. Report any problems to Supervisor/Lead.

4. Load totes with pellets on skid for transfer to cold room.

5. Perform general Preventative Maintenance tasks.

Regrind Operations :

1. Set-up, maintain and operate regrind equipment and all auxiliary processes (washer, granulator, conveyors).

2. Monitor incoming waste material to be processed for correct identification and separation by compound type.

3. Perform particle size analysis of regrind materials per provided test methods.

4. Assign and maintain lot history documentation of all regrind material.

5. Monitor and maintain first in, first out staging and storage of all incoming waste and outgoing regrind materials.

6. Monitor and document liquid nitrogen supply and usage.

7. Perform line clearances and required GMP cleaning.


1. Maintain cleanliness of equipment and work area paying particular attention to oil, waster, cardboard paper and

other foreign matter that could contaminate product.

2. Observe all Safety and Environmental Procedures and Quality System Requirements.

3. Perform other duties as directed by Supervisor, Lead, or business needs.



ore C ompetency R equirements

C ore C ompetency R equirements


Action Oriented

Continuous & Versatile Learning


Drive for Results

We Accept Personal Responsibility

We Do What is Right


1. Education

Indicate education required/preferred:

H.S. Diploma/G.E.D. (if hired after 6/1/00) Internal transfers exempted Required

Workkeys Skill Levels

Applied Math - 4

Applied Technology - Not Required

Locating Information - 4

Observation - 4

Reading for Information - Not Required

Team Work - 4

Required Entry Level

3. Experience and Knowledge

No related experience required

Fully describe the type of knowledge, skills, or abilities required: (e.g. tools, equipment, hardware or software).

1. Forklift qualifiable.

2. Must be able to read, write and do simple math.

3. Must be computer literate.

4. Certifications

Certification or licensure preferred:

Certification (Fork Truck) - Preferred

Licensure (_______________________________________)

5. Supervisory Responsibility

No Supervision of others

6. Computer Skills Required for Position


MS Outlook

MS Word

Other: _________________________________________

7. Computer Access Required for Position



MS Outlook

Other: _________________________________________

T raining R equirements

1. On-the-job Training Period

A. Upon placement into position, associate can expect to receive the following amount of training provided by a qualified trainer: 6 weeks

B. After training period is complete, additional learning will take place. List theexpectedperiod of time for an associate to be considered proficient in this position: 3months

QSR/PPE R equirements:

Gloves (Type __________________)

Goggles (Required when using compressed air)

Safety Glasses

Safety Shoes (steel toe)

Sleeves (cut resistant)

Other: ____________________________________

Primary Work LocationUSA SC - Sumter

Additional Locations

Work ShiftNA (United States of America)

Becton, Dickinson and Company is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, creed, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, marital or domestic or civil union status, familial status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetics, disability, military eligibility or veteran status