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BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) 高级设备技术员_Hypak_苏州二厂 in Suzhou Plant 2, China

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Job Description


Department部门 : HYPAK

Job Location : Suzhou

Job Grade 职级 : 2

Report to 汇报人职位 : Industrialization Supervisor

Subordinates下属 : 0


Responsible for equipment routine maintenance, PM, spare parts and format changeover jobs, etc.



  • Work closely with manufacturing operation team to ensure equipment running reliably.与生产团队紧密协作确保设备稳定运行

  • Make and perform equipment PM plan制定和执行设备预防维修及保养计划

  • Equipment routine maintenance and do trouble shooting jobs.设备日常宕机维修和问题处理

  • Summary and manage spare parts统计和管理备品备件

  • Record and monitor equipment OEE performance, and raise solution accordingly.记录和追踪设备OEE状态,并提出解决方案

  • Change equipment mechanical parts while format changeover产品换型时,设备机构件的更换

  • Participate in new equipment installation, debugging and validation参与新设备安装、调试和验证

  • Participate in product quality inspection and analysis参与产品质量调查和分析

  • Train operation team if necessary (such as equipment, process. etc)必要时对生产人员进行相关培训(设备、工艺等)

  • Coordinate internal/external audit activities配合内外部审核

  • Ensure each job compliance with EHS, GMP policies.确保各项工作符合公司EHS、GMP等相关法规要求


  • Majored in mechanical or electrical engineering机械或电气类相关专业背景

  • Be familiar with mechanical drawing and Auto CAD application熟悉机械制图和Auto CAD 软件等应用

  • Know about PLC and camera inspection system了解PLC及影像检测系统

  • Good documentation editing and management ability良好的文档编写和管理能力

  • Good hands-on operation skill.良好的动手操作技能

  • Good automation machine maintenance ability.良好的自动化设备维修能力

  • Good learning ability.良好的学习能力

  • Good communication skill.良好的沟通能力

  • Good English reading and writing ability良好的英语读写能力

  • Good computer skill良好的电脑技能

  • High level of loyalty and integrity.高水平的忠诚度和正直性

  • Good analytical and problem solving skill.良好的分析和问题解决能力

  • Positive work attitude..积极的工作态度

  • Good ethical behavior, ensuring that activities carried out all parties representing the Manufacturing Department within and outside the organization are executed in accordance with the Company’s Code of Ethics, with professionalism and in the best interest of the Company.良好的道德表现,确保在组织内部和外部代表生产部所进行的活动遵循公司的道德准则,具备专业精神并维护公司的利益。 DESIRABLE (优先条件)

  • Know about GMP regulation and operation in cleaning room is preferred了解GMP法规,并对洁净环境生产要求有一定认识的优先

  • Know about drug packing or filling process is preferred了解药包材或灌装工艺优先 Working conditions & environment( 工作状况和条件):

  • Hypak manufacturing cleaning shop floor environment.Hypak 生产洁净车间

Primary Work Location

CHN Suzhou Plant 2

Additional Locations

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BD is a leading global medical technology company that creates medical technology, devices and laboratory equipment for a variety of needs across the healthcare continuum. At BD, we are looking for candidates who possess passion, innovative solutions and a commitment to our one mission of improving access to groundbreaking medical and biotechnology services for people near and far, delivering state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge research in the battle to fight and cure infectious diseases. With a global reach that extends across 50 countries worldwide, our network of professionals collaborates on effective measures to deliver enhanced patient quality such as lower health care delivery costs, improved health care and safety, and expanded health care for all. Join our company and see how you can become a part of one global mission to make a difference in human health.