BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) Yard & Gate Planner in Temse, Belgium

Job Description Summary


Jobgroup 2

Department E-DC Administrative Service Center

Location Temse, Belgium

Work Schedule 6 am – 2 pm and 2 pm – 10 pm


The E-DC Yard & gate Planner will play an active role fulfilling the E-DC quality policy by ensuring on time availability and delivery of products for customers.

“The European Distribution Centre will consistently satisfy customer needs by delivering the right product, in good condition, on time, with the right documentation at the optimum cost. This will be achieved through customer focused continuous improvement and compliance embedded in processes & practices.”

He / she will be responsible for enabling correct and on-time loading and unloading activities to guarantee compliant, on time availability and delivery of products for customers.

He / she will allow drivers for shipment delivery and pickup to the E-DC site in line with safety regulations.

The Yard & Gate Planner works in the E-DC Administrative Service Center and reports to the Yard & Gate Coordinator.

Job Description


In his / her role both the E-DC inbound and outbound Yard & Gate Planner will:

  • Work with operations concerning loading and unloading activities Manage occupation of docks (gates) and parking (yard), ensure agreed number of stand trailers is available.

-Allow access to the EDC site to identified drivers in line with security guidelines.

-Interact closely with drivers, drivers for on-site trailer shunting, EDC Operations, Warehouse and Transport Planning, inbound planning, inbound administration and colleagues in Administrative logistics service center

In his / her role the E-DC Yard & Gate Planner Outbound will:

-Register trailer/container identification, arrival and departure times and register reason codes for late departures

-Create loading lists in function of departure deadlines, loading unit availability and ad hoc arrival of drivers, based on input from E-DC operations on warehouse shipment quantities and location and input from carriers on loading unit identity.

-Ensure compliant and complete departure by verifying loading controls are performed before hand over of documents and departure of shipments.

-Contact carriers to find solutions in case a loading unit is not accepted for AEO reasons.

  • Back up for receptionist before and after receptionist working hours.

-Monitor arrival of outbound trucks and trailers and contact carriers if arrival is not in line with the agreed arrival time.

-Initiate pro-active communication to forwarder and Service Desk in case of late departure of shipments for Western Europe.

-Follow up EDI transmissions to forwarders, escalate to IT as back-up for Administrative Logistic Officer.

-Follow up loading issues to ensure correct registration of issues and to ensure the necessary follow up.

In his / her role the E-DC Yard & Gate Planner Inbound will:

-Ensure close monitoring of shipments arrival on a daily basis, follow up late arrival of drivers with carriers and register trailer/container identification, arrival and departure times.

-Follow up that inbound shipments are received in line with the planning, while considering priority, Transit document validity, product preservation, load availability and operational constraints

-In case of quality remarks during unloading process, ensure correct logging on CMR so a carrier claim can be issued by other parties

-Administratively start inbound warehouse shipments to start the receiving process, hand over receiving paperwork (PRR) to unloading crews and follow up the timely return of the paperwork.

-Ensure correct logging of Transit documents received from drivers (Customs compliance)


Transportation Management

  • Basic knowledge of local and international transportation.

  • Basic understanding the basics of Inco terms.

System & Warehouse Operations Management

  • Understand the execution of warehouse operating systems including data integrity with the ERP (LOTS)

  • Understand the warehouse process and flows including receiving, pick/pack, loading and shipping.

  • Understand the customer service and planning processes including allocation, transport planning, warehouse planning.

Customs management & International trading

  • Understand BD Internal Customs processes

  • European financial structure [BS Swiss Entity]

  • Knowledge of and interest in customs procedures and systems (NCTS, PLDA), and persuasion of the importance of compliance

Security, Compliance & Quality

  • Understand access control process to BD E-DC site and AEO regulation

  • Understand recording practices for ISO 13485

  • Recognize and flag unusual requests from carriers and forwarders (Red Flags).

  • Understanding of SOX regulations, QA / regulatory policies & procedures, Dangerous goods

Language skills

  • Fluent in Dutch

  • Working knowledge of English

  • Basic knowledge of any other language and not being afraid to use it is a great asset.


Distribution Center Operations

  • Understand / integrate with DC Operations teams with respect to their function including warehousing, inventory control

  • Understand function description for drivers in charge of trailer/container shunting

Health & Safety

  • Fire intervention

  • Disaster recovery

  • General safety instructions for the site

  • General security instructions for the site

Information Technology

  • Office applications

  • LOTS modules


  • Working in a stressful environment

  • Administratively strong and well organized.

  • Professional communicator

Action Oriented – Is quick and agile in making things happen.

  • Enjoys working hard

  • Is action oriented and full of energy for the things he/she sees as challenging

  • Not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning

  • Pro-active mindset

  • Seizes more opportunities than others

Process Effectiveness.

  • Understands results that must be obtained and establishes efficient plans for self and/or others to achieve them; alert to opportunities to improve existing processes for accomplishing work and pursues them.

Promotes an inclusive work environment – Respects and values the diversity among us and leverages our differences to enhance our performance and working environment.

  • Seeks to understand the characteristics of their perceived mainstreams and deliberately tries to expand the boundaries to include more diverse attributes

  • Actively pursues creative and diverse styles of thinking to stimulate innovation

  • Practices zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour and does not allow derogatory comments/inappropriate jokes to go un-addressed

  • Manages all kinds of differences as defined in BD’s definition of diversity

  • Deals effectively with all races, nationalities, cultures, disabilities, ages and both sexes

Customer Focus - Is flexible and nimble in keeping up with customer needs

  • Is dedicated to establishing and meeting the needs and expectations of internal and external customers

  • Acts with the customer in mind

Teamwork – Puts into practice values and behaviours that contribute to group effectiveness and performance, and the achievement of team objectives.

  • Listens effectively (actively listens)

  • Constructively responds to points of view expressed by others

  • Gives others the benefit of the doubt

Continuous and versatile learningProactively builds knowledge and skills of self and others, to increase value/contribution to the company and to ensure personal and professional growth.

  • Has the job, functional and technical knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment

  • Quickly learns new skills and knowledge

  • Is good at acquiring new industry, company, product, or technical knowledge

  • Learns quickly when facing new problems; enjoys the challenge of unfamiliar tasks

  • A relentless learner who utilizes diverse methods and opportunities to learn

  • Analyzes both successes and failures for clues to improvement

  • Experiments and will try anything to find solutions

  • Quickly grasps the essence and the underlying structure of anything

  • Teaches others, in order to support their continuous learning and to enhance own understanding

  • Recognizes and takes advantage of opportunities to share knowledge with colleagues to help enhance their effectiveness and to improve the performance of the group

Primary Work Location

BEL Temse - Laagstraat

Additional Locations

Work Shift

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